Today I was driving back home after having enjoyed lunch with one of my favorite and smartest friends in the whole wide world, and I was riding that wave of bliss that invariably follows an intellectually fortifying conversation, until…..I was sucked back into reality by the jarring display of stupidity on the back of this truck:


Noticing that the driver had his window down, my first impulse was to shout out the window at him:

Excuse me, dear gentleman, but seeing as how I too am required to travel in a northerly direction, much as yourself, and I must execute a 90 degree right turn in naught more than a mile, and passing you poses a tremendous challenge in such dense and unwieldy traffic, I am unable to comply with your request!  However shall we resolve this conundrum?!

And then I got a glimpse of the driver in his side view mirror, and it was impossible to ignore that he was missing teeth.  Thus I thought better of engaging him in a vigorous debate on the subject, but….all the same…..

Request denied, sir.  Good day!