Wee bit obsessed with Vikings over here. (No, it’s not simply about the high hubba hubba factor, although that was a good guess…..) Prior to the Season 4 premiere, I was pondering why it feels so damn relevant. Given the current and horrendous political climate, following your heart over knee-jerk bloodline loyalty might feel awfully relevant to so many families and friends who’ve been ideologically pulled apart in these divisive times. And forging one’s own destiny?  Good hero-making stuff – in real life as well as within the fictional realm.


“Brother versus brother — more broadly, blood relative versus blood relative — has always offered up a rich vein to mine. While sibling rivalry and/or deep-rooted family tensions are complex psychological phenomena, it’s a little too easy to chalk these plot devices up to little more than some subconscious knee-jerk behavioral pattern from childhood our characters can’t see their way out of.


It’s rarely as cut and dried as mere sibling rivalry or daddy issues: In a properly compelling story, a character usually faces a more complicated dilemma: One in which a cause or new calling rises above the importance of clan. Enter the love interest, the career opportunity — or more simply, a sense of belonging elsewhere — and quite often, all bets are off.”


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