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A Walking Dead Haiku Entitled “Alexandria Redux, Redux”

Look at the flowers,
Lizzie. Oh, I mean Sam. Look
at the cookies, Sam.

A Walking Dead Haiku Entitled “Alexandria, Redux”

You’ll dunk those cookies
in icy, paralyzing
terror, and like it.

A Walking Dead Haiku Entitled “Chill Out, Rick!

Aaron’s only crime?
He thinks you’re fabulous.  Eat
the applesauce, bitch.

Paranormal Parenting: Welcome To Life As A Walking Food Source

Oh, I thought of another thing that both toddlers and zombies have in common.  It doesn’t take either one of them very long to reach a very important conclusion:   You = food. And food = life.   Spoiler alert: there is rarely a happy ending in store for any person who can be categorized as a “food source,” either in film or in reality.

Paranormal Parenting: How Scary Movies Teach You EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Raising Kids!

I’m baaaaack.   And I’m launching a new category on Ye Olde Blogge here.  Over the past eight years (not coincidentally, the age of my daughter), I’ve come to appreciate just how much my love of the macabre – and of scary movies and television shows in particular – has prepared me for the myriad challenges of parenthood.  

Find Your Happy Place!

A “Walking Dead” Semantics Smackdown

Lady killer. VS Lady. Killer.

Proceed With Caution: Walking Dead Spoilers A-HEAD

  Just read this Yahoo! TV interview with The Walking Dead‘s Scott Wilson.  As a parting gift, he got to keep his fake severed head from the prop department.  (Gives new meaning to the phrase, “severance package,” doesn’t it?)   R.I.P., Hershel Greene.  

A Walking Dead Haiku Entitled “Ugly Is In The Eye Of The Beheader: No Love For The Gov”

The phrase “his one good
eye” rings hollow.  That eye was
a rat bastard, too.

A Walking Dead Haiku Entitled “Two Cures For The Common Flu”

One stops the flu DEAD
in its tracks FOREVER!  And
then there is Ny-Quil….