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Your Request Is Illogical: This One Is Dedicated To All The Asshats Who Expect Creative People To Work For Free

First, enjoy this cartoon gem from The Oatmeal:     And now – let’s discuss amongst ourselves.   If your business or project requires the output of a creative person (be they writer, editor, graphic designer, musician, filmmaker, or even underwater basket weaver), and it’s not a job you have the time or skills to perform yourself, then – for the love of cupcakes (you KNOW how I feel about cupcakes) – stop devaluing that work when it is performed by others.

When Writers Attack

Oh, the joys of the freelance writing hustle!  The constant, unending, relentless search for new clients and projects!  Unleashing a daily tsunami of pitches and wry cover letters to hawk one’s verbal wares!  And the online help wanted adverts!   Especially the online help wanted adverts.

How Introversion Invariably Leads To The Great Monkey Coup of 2014

I’ve been seeing posters around town promoting Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  Which reminds me that I need to take a vacation. Let me explain. I have an active imagination.  Most of the time, I like having an active imagination.