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Tag Archives: Ryan Murphy

An American Horror Story: Season 6 Haiku Entitled “Depreciating Asset”

Inbred hillbilly
(ghost?) neighbors ain’t no good fer
property values.  

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Penultimate Episode Haiku

Threesome: alien
abductees, psychosis, axe.
What could go wrong?  Ohhhhhh…….

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Episode 11 Haiku

  “Disturbance in the
common room, Monsignor.”  Oh,

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Episode 10 Haiku

  Celibacy vow:
0.  Nun-shaped demon: 1.
Tsk tsk, Monsignor……

‘American Horror Story’ Season-1-In-A-Nutshell Haiku

  Ghosts? Please. The ghosts fear
Jessica Lange.  She’ll fuck your
shit up.  Believe it.