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NOW I Look Like I Could Win A Bar Fight (If I Were Holding An Uzi, Anyway…..)

I forgot to show you my new tattoo!  It was inspired by the Medusa garden plaque I have hanging in my bedroom, pictured above.  She watches over me whilst I slumber….talk about sleeping like a ROCK.  (AHAHAHA……oh, the comedy, the comedy!) My awesome tatt dude (loudest, shoutiest shout-out to Reid at Yoni Tattoo in Tarzana, CA, who is The.

The Blog Name That Almost Was…

  This blog was exactlythisclose to being named Loki’s Brain Is A Bag Full Of Cats. Alas, as much as I might long for direct communication with Joss Whedon, I would prefer it not arrive in the form of a “cease and desist” letter.