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It’s What’s For Dinner

Beefcake, marinated in refinement, accompanied by Danish intellectualism and artistry, seasoned with a mouth-watering “originally a gymnast” spice blend courtesy of his Wiki bio (let that sink in for a moment: ORIGINALLY A GYMNAST), and served with an admittedly bitter side dish of we-haven’t-seen-him-naked-NEARLY-often-enough-this-season.

‘Hannibal’ Predictably Promises “Gag” Reel On Season 1 DVD

GAG (gag):  noun
1. to cause to retch or choke;
2. a joke, especially one introduced into a script or an actor’s part. Well played, Bryan Fuller.  Well played.

‘Hannibal’ Season 1 Finale Haiku

What rock bottom looks
like: you force Lawrence Fishburne
to shoot your punk ass.

A Hannibal Haiku Entitled “Contradiction”

Riddle me this:  if
the rude are food, how on earth
does he stay so slim?!