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Sleepy Hollow Recap: “Blood Moon”

We begin with Ichabod fleeing through a dark and gothic forestscape, pursued by the Horseman and his three buddies.  Indeed, while the title of the show is Sleepy Hollow and not Apocalypse NOW, it would not be utterly unthinkable to suggest a subtitle of “Apocalypse Really, Really SOON, Like….Probably Within Weeks At This Rate!

And I Quote….Sleepy Hollow!

  Police officer to that pesky axe-wielding headless horseman running amuck: “PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR H…..!!  Uh……ergh……..” I’m excited because: hellooooo?  Sleepy Hollow!  Does it get any more goth-glam than that?  Even better, there’s an actual Brit (Tom Mison) cast in the role of Ichabod Crane!