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New Verb: Glennergize

  Glennergize:  To be infused with an unexpected surge of new energy in the midst of a seemingly impossible situation.   Ex.:  After consuming seven espressos and that 5 lb. bag of sour gummies, I’m feeling surprisingly Glennergized about today’s plan to climb Mount Everest!

A Walking Dead Haiku Entitled “Eugene Grows A Pair”

Unlike his mullet,
Eugene is now ALL business.
That’s a fact, sister.

A Better Call Saul Haiku Entitled, “Mike Effing Ehrmantraut, That’s Who”

Who else could work cops
like sock puppets from the back
seat of a squad car?    

A Walking Dead Haiku Entitled “Alexandria Redux, Redux”

Look at the flowers,
Lizzie. Oh, I mean Sam. Look
at the cookies, Sam.

A Walking Dead Haiku Entitled “Alexandria, Redux”

You’ll dunk those cookies
in icy, paralyzing
terror, and like it.

A Walking Dead Haiku Entitled “Chill Out, Rick!

Aaron’s only crime?
He thinks you’re fabulous.  Eat
the applesauce, bitch.

Find Your Happy Place!

A “Walking Dead” Semantics Smackdown

Lady killer. VS Lady. Killer.

Proceed With Caution: Walking Dead Spoilers A-HEAD

  Just read this Yahoo! TV interview with The Walking Dead‘s Scott Wilson.  As a parting gift, he got to keep his fake severed head from the prop department.  (Gives new meaning to the phrase, “severance package,” doesn’t it?)   R.I.P., Hershel Greene.  

A Walking Dead Haiku Entitled “Ugly Is In The Eye Of The Beheader: No Love For The Gov”

The phrase “his one good
eye” rings hollow.  That eye was
a rat bastard, too.