VERY honored to be contributing to the Outtake blog over at Tribeca Shortlist.  Here’s my first piece:


Comedian Eddie Izzard has a brilliant monologue that poses the question, “Cake or death?”—a joke that hinges on how some choices are pretty obvious, or at least, a lot easier to swallow than their alternatives.

2008’s Let The Right One In, a gorgeously bleak film about the friendship (and blossoming romance) forged between a mortal boy and an adolescent vampire who presents as a girl (though that’s complicated), makes you ponder a strangely similar question inherent in the film’s premise. Much like “cake or death,” what if, on the cusp of adulthood, there was a choice to be made between a logical progression to adulthood, or a darker but more visceral and alive option, monsterhood?

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