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September 27, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Recap: “Blood Moon”

We begin with Ichabod fleeing through a dark and gothic forestscape, pursued by the Horseman and his three buddies.  Indeed, while the title of the show is Sleepy Hollow and not Apocalypse NOW, it would not be utterly unthinkable to suggest a subtitle of “Apocalypse Really, Really SOON, Like….Probably Within Weeks At This Rate!
September 17, 2013

Sleepy Hollow: Pilot Recap

CUE THE BATTLE AXES AND MUSKETS AND OTHER REVOLUTIONARY WAR ACCOUTREMENTS!  It’s that kind of pilot, and time’s a-wastin’. Our hero, Ichabod Crane, is in the thick of battle when an ominous red coated horseman approaches.  Crane, meet Bane!  (Or is it only me who thinks our horseman bears a strong resemblance to The Dark Knight Rises villain?) Ichabod is in the employ of one George Washington.  
August 7, 2013

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap – Episode 10, Season 3: “The Overlooked”

Let’s start off this episode with an uber-gothic storm for ambiance!  CUE THE LIGHTNING AND THUNDER!  Ah, it’s but a metaphor for the turmoil our hardy heap of heroes and heroines are enduring in Beacon Hills.  The dark night of their souls is upon them!  
August 1, 2013

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap – Episode 9, Season 3: “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”

‘Teen Wolf’ was in a very revealing mood this go ’round.  We discover the human identity of the rogue Druid/Darach on the loose, AND we discover the supernatural identity of Lydia’s tranced-out alter ego. Let’s get ready to RECAP! After yet another Darach sacrifice at episode’s outset , Lydia is trancing out and soon leads Scott and Stiles to the latest body….and this time, the victim is a lady cop.
July 25, 2013

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Episode 8 of Season 3 – “Visionaries”

A.k.a. The Classy Episode.  Why “classy,” you ask? In this episode, there’s a near-constant score of crescendo-ing classical music and Wagnerian choirs as various characters recall sad backstory.  Really, you can’t miss it.  Not even if you’re deaf.  We also learn that Derek’s doomed first love played the cello and read books voluntarily (whaaaaa?).