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The Other F Word (Feminism)

June 20, 2017

American Goddesses

May 17, 2017

Women Who Work: The Medieval Edition – Hex-Lobbing Tsunami Conjurer

Invitations to lots of high-profile social events;
meals and boarding* provided;
waiving of standard retaliatory witch extinction measures. * small corner of dungeon in which to rock catatonically back and forth when services are not otherwise being rendered NEGLIGIBLE DOWNSIDES THAT THOU SHAN’T MENTION LEST THOU BE MISTAKEN FOR A FEMINIST INGRATE:
Risk of being labeled:
“impossible” and
May 10, 2017

Women Who Work: The Medieval Edition – Flower Plucking Raven Dodger

Occupation: Flower Plucking Raven Dodger   Benefits Generously Provided by the Patriarchy: Fresh air; Ample exercise, the better with which to ward off hysteria; Opportunity to commune with local wildlife.   Negligible Downsides That Thou Shan’t Mention Lest Thou Be Mistaken For A Feminist Ingrate: Increase in risk of beak and claw related injuries; Increased risk of avian influenza; Possible death.
May 9, 2017

Women Who Work: The Classical Antiquity Edition – Sea Monster Sacrifice

Sea Monster Sacrifice   Benefits Generously Provided by the Patriarchy:
Ocean views; Informal dress code; Privilege of inspiring a male demigod to heroic feats.   Negligible Downsides That Thou Shan’t Mention Lest Thou Be Mistaken For A Feminist Ingrate: Over-exposure to the elements; Possible death.
October 4, 2016

Because Sometimes An Unhealthy Obsession With TV Is Rewarded……

I’m very privileged to have secured a new side gig writing op-ed pieces for Tribune Media via ScreenerTV.  Please check out my first two pieces if you have a moment.   The first is a bit of a love letter to the show Lucifer, albeit within a larger exploration of the “guilty pleasure” phenomenon as it applies to our TV viewing choices (when it shouldn’t): The second piece explores the rise of the “trainwreck heroine” in TV and film, inspired by Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s masterfully wrought show, Fleabag: Will post future articles here as they are published.  
July 12, 2014

NOW I Look Like I Could Win A Bar Fight (If I Were Holding An Uzi, Anyway…..)

I forgot to show you my new tattoo!  It was inspired by the Medusa garden plaque I have hanging in my bedroom, pictured above.  She watches over me whilst I slumber….talk about sleeping like a ROCK.  (AHAHAHA……oh, the comedy, the comedy!) My awesome tatt dude (loudest, shoutiest shout-out to Reid at Yoni Tattoo in Tarzana, CA, who is The.
March 19, 2014

300: Rise Of An Empire (a.k.a. Fifty Shades of BAD ASS)

She’s just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to DIE, DIE, DIE! Is this an awesome movie?  HELL YES.  Do I want to talk about much else beyond Eva Green’s role in it? Nah. Guess who is not filling her days worrying about whether her pores are small enough, her tits are big enough, and if she’s underage enough to appear in a Robin Thicke music video?