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June 29, 2016


Happy (posthumous) birthday to Gilda Radner, who would have been 70 today.  She was one of the greats – a luminary whose influence made me fall in love with comedy at a reeeeeally early age. Thank you, Gilda, for the gift of laughter.
January 11, 2016

R.I.P. David Bowie

“Bowie existed so all of us misfits learned that an oddity was a precious thing.” – Guillermo del Toro  
February 27, 2015

10 Things You Might Find Yourself Saying If You Date Vladimir Putin

Yes, he’s single.  But if you wish to actually snag this virile eligible bachelor and prominent world leader, here are some phrases you’ll probably want to have translated into Russian and memorized first.   1. Excuse me, but your pet tiger wrangler looks terribly drunk.  
January 8, 2015

Posthumous Birthday Shout Out To Ex-Graham Chapman

Happy birthday, ex-Graham Chapman!  Your comedic genius is sorely missed.   Let’s celebrate with a clip that singularly rivals the cumulative impact of the Rosebud scene of Citizen Kane, the Psycho shower scene, Julie Andrews frolicking in the sentient hills of Salzburg (not to be confused with The Hills Have Eyes…..but come to think of it, together those two flicks would make for a pretty awesome cinematic mashup), Kevin Spacey losing his limp in The Usual Suspects, Rick and Ilsa saying goodbye at the airport, Gene Kelly singing in the rain, and that homicidal midget reveal from Don’t Look Now.  
July 8, 2014

World Cup 2014: Germany vs. Brazil

All ze balls flying into mein net!  I’m tired…..I’m so tired……..      
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June 30, 2014

World Cup 2014: Germany vs. Algeria

June 29, 2014


A reenactment of me watching the last few minutes of that Mexico v. Netherlands game. I am Tom Hanks, and the Mexican team is the bathtub: #worldcup2014  
June 10, 2014

In Memoriam: Rik Mayall (March 7, 1958 – June 9, 2014)

I choose to remember one of my favorite funnymen with this clip from ‘Blackadder.’ Lord Flashheart always did know how to make an entrance.  In tribute, let’s all do a better job of making grand entrances from this point forward!  (Sorry, but in direct contrast with this entrance, admit it… HAVE been cocking it up a bit.)  
June 5, 2014

The Tao Of Jack

June 3, 2014

How Introversion Invariably Leads To The Great Monkey Coup of 2014

I’ve been seeing posters around town promoting Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.  Which reminds me that I need to take a vacation. Let me explain. I have an active imagination.  Most of the time, I like having an active imagination.