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Don’t Get Me Started

May 22, 2017

Because Nobody Needs To Learn How To Fish Nowadays….

December 30, 2015

Your Request Is Illogical: Save A Choirboy – Ride A Hoverboard Instead.

This.  This thing about the priest who was suspended for riding a hoverboard during Christmas mass because “the Eucharist demands utmost respect and reverence”? A massive missed P.R. opportunity for the Catholic church, if you ask me.  The “Save a choirboy – ride a hoverboard instead!” campaign could have been HUGE………    
November 25, 2015

Your Request Is Illogical (AND Riddled With Errors)

After receiving yet another poorly worded email scam in my Inbox, I have realized that I’ve possibly missed my true calling:  WORD COP!   The sheer ineptitude of many would-be cyber-criminals amuses me to no end.  A helpful hint for anyone masquerading as a major online retailer in a potential email scam: take ten seconds to have  someone proofread your scammy email, you illiterate jackass.  
November 3, 2015

Your Request Is Illogical: This One Is Dedicated To All The Asshats Who Expect Creative People To Work For Free

First, enjoy this cartoon gem from The Oatmeal:     And now – let’s discuss amongst ourselves.   If your business or project requires the output of a creative person (be they writer, editor, graphic designer, musician, filmmaker, or even underwater basket weaver), and it’s not a job you have the time or skills to perform yourself, then – for the love of cupcakes (you KNOW how I feel about cupcakes) – stop devaluing that work when it is performed by others.
April 24, 2015

Henceforth, “Living The Dream” Shall Require The Procurement Of An “Ornamental Hermit” Of My Very Own

It is nice to be reminded that the Internet is home to not only trolls, misogynists, Kardashian fans, and illiterate types (wait, sorry……are those last two items redundant?!), but also genteel geniuses, highly creative souls and 50 Animal Pictures I (Apparently) Need To See Before I Die whom and/or that I might otherwise never discover.  
April 24, 2015

How A Refinery 29 Email Blast Unexpectedly Made My Day….

I don’t care if I am being too (a) general and (b) hopeful in extrapolating information from this email headline…..I willfully and blindly choose to believe that ALL Anne Hathaway movies are being surgically removed like a festering tumor from Netflix come May 1st!
April 7, 2015

A Sheep-ish Confession…..

This is the problem with being a writer embarking upon online dating….I see far too many potential plot point offshoots.
April 7, 2015

It’s A Not-So-Fine Line Sometimes….

April 7, 2015

What About Long Walks On The Beach……?

April 7, 2015

How I Roll In Online Dating….The Sequel

Yes, I am mercilessly poaching answers from my new online dating profile because I’ve been too lazy lately to write a brand new blog post.  Wait, let’s not say “lazy.”  Let’s call me a multi-tasking dynamo.  That sounds better.   (In related news, filling out online dating profiles might be my new favorite hobby.)