Police officer to that pesky axe-wielding headless horseman running amuck:

“PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR H…..!!  Uh……ergh…..um…..”

I’m excited because: hellooooo?  Sleepy Hollow!  Does it get any more goth-glam than that?  Even better, there’s an actual Brit (Tom Mison) cast in the role of Ichabod Crane!  Yes, he looks good for entirely superficial reasons as well, BUT….his gravitas and acting chops may go a long way to offset the potentially silly premise of a headless horseman in modern times.  Also, John Cho!  And another outrageously glamorous red-haired witch!  (Leeches can only take you so far, Melisandre.  Time to step up your game.  Of course you’ve got until SPRING 2014 to prepare…..damn it all.)  Let’s not forgot dusty ancient Bibles containing references to the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and coffins, and creepy small town barns, and graveyards, and (dare I hope?!) LOTS. OF. FOG.

I’m wary because: that scene where the headless horseman sprays semi automatic gunfire everywhere?   Seems a tad undignified for a fellow in a velvet brocade waistcoat.  Also, if the story is indeed heavily reliant upon “the clues left by our founding fathers,” shouldn’t Tom Hanks or Nicolas Cage be involved in some capacity?

DO watch this space for weekly Sleepy Hollow recaps following the show’s premiere on September 16.